Truvy Diane

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Ted is our one year old AKC standard poodle.  Ted has earned his CGC, CGCU, and CGCA titles as well as graduated from the Go Team Therapy Dogs  training program.  Ted and Suzee are members of the Go Team Therapy, Crisis, and Airport Dogs (TexasTeam).  Ted provides unconditional love and friendship on a daily basis.  Ted also helps to facilitate social interactions and promote responsibility and practical skills.  

In loving memory

Truvy is our 5 month old AKC standard poodle puppy.  The unexpected loss of our beloved Tammy Faye opened the door for us to love another amazing poodle.  Truvy is already excelling in basic obedience training.  She is extremely social and loves to work.  Truvy has some big shoes to fill but she has already made her own place in everyones' heart and is sure to be a phenomenal therapy poodle.  

​​ted the manly poodle